“The Kansas Chamber has done an excellent job of providing a unified voice for the interest of business in this state. This is absolutely critical for small to medium size businesses that do not have the resources to lobby government, but are dependent on the advocacy that the Chamber provides. In the past few years it has significantly helped to improve the regulatory environment within Kansas to help business grow and prosper. “
-John Altstadt, President, Florence Manufacturing / A Gibraltar Industries Company


“The Kansas Chamber takes the responsibility of keeping a positive business environment within our great state, so that entrepreneurs and business owners can continue to focus on maintaining and growing their businesses. They deal with the politics and policies so business owners can do their work.”
-Paula Landoll-Smith, Marketing Director/Public Relations, Landoll Corporation


“As a small business owner focused on the daily operations of my business, I count on the results of the Kansas Chamber’s advocacy. Their efforts with lawmakers in Topeka consistently result in better business policies that continue to ensure that small businesses, like mine, can succeed and stay here in Kansas.”
-Shirley Martin-Smith, Owner, Adecco Staffing


“As an advisor to businesses across the state I see firsthand the tremendous impact the policies advocated by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce are having on the business climate in Kansas. The Kansas Chamber is highly effective in developing and advocating policies that directly benefit the business community and is working hard to hold elected officials accountable for their support of the pro-business agenda.”
-Bill Pickert, Managing Partner, BKD, LLP


“The whole concept of eliminating Kansas Business Income Tax – which was supported by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce – was a shot in the arm and gave Wenger Management encouragement to take more risks to innovate and expand production operations to better compete with our worldwide competitors (China, etc.) – many of which have limited or no income tax.”
-LaVon Wenger, Chairman of the Board, Wenger Manufacturing, Inc.


“The Kansas Chamber understands that businesses are the engines that drive the American economy. Their work to partner with policymakers and keep government from hindering economic growth by adding
cumbersome layers of bureaucracy, taxes and regulatory burdens is critical to Kansas’ ability to compete in the global marketplace.”
-Congressman Kevin Yoder (KS-3)


"The Kansas Chamber of Commerce has saved our company far more money by effecting tax and regulatory relief than we can ever pay back in dues and contributions. This has allowed us to reinvest heavily to create a more sustainable company. If I could choose my legacy it would be an economic environment that would provide jobs and good education for our children and grandchildren. The Kansas Chamber is well positioned to create that environment. "

-Justin Hill, President, Lawrence Paper Company