Legislative Agenda

How Our Legislative Agenda Helps Achieve Economic Growth

Each year, your Chamber develops a Legislative Agenda that makes it clear to legislators what our membership expects from their state Legislature – economic growth – and in very specific terms. We emphasize again our core principles of free enterprise. And that removing obstacles to job creation and economic growth is paramount. This year’s Legislative Agenda for Economic Growth represents a consensus among our members: We must reduce the cost of doing business in Kansas.

Our members provide input on policy and legislative strategy through workgroup conference calls on these issues vital to Kansas business growth. Feedback from meetings with Cornerstone members, local chamber leaders and the results of our Business Leaders Poll and Annual Competitiveness Index are used to frame the state’s key business issues. Business leaders from across the state tell us their concerns, as well. In light of the state’s budget deficit and the local impact of the national recession, our members are more interested than ever in promoting government efficiency. The Chamber’s focus at the Statehouse is on protecting your business from higher taxes, user fees and revoked tax exemptions.

This is an agenda for challenging times. We think you’ll find it a compelling, well-thought-out recommendation to Topeka to get down to business, revitalize our economy and start us on the return to prosperity. Download the entire agenda and see exactly what your Chamber voice is saying for you and your business.

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