2016 General Election

November 10, 2016

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M. Rebecca McCormack
Vice President of Political Affairs
Kansas Chamber of Commerce

2016 General Election

Topeka, KAN.  (November 9, 2016) - Today the Kansas Chamber and Kansas Chamber PAC thanked those candidates in the 2016 General Election who took a stand in favor of protecting our state's businesses and hard-working employees whose commitment to a vibrant Kansas economy has made it possible for Kansas to survive and thrive in these challenging economic times for America. Free market principals, coupled with pro-growth tax policies and limitations on un-checked government growth were hallmarks of this general election campaign, both here and nationally. The voters have spoken. They want government to live within its means and have rejected the notion that economic woes can only be addressed by raising the tax burden on families and businesses.

"As the presidential race just illustrated, once the electorate feels the personal cost of runaway spending heading their way, they will favor those candidates who stand against higher taxes, increased regulation, and unchecked spending in elections," said Rebecca McCormack, V.P. of Political Affairs with the Kansas Chamber.  She added: "In Kansas, voters soundly rejected candidates running on a platform of raising taxes. Indeed, many incumbents who lost were perceived to be less conservative than advertised as they had voted to raise taxes and had failed to bring spending in line with revenues."

"We look forward to working with newly elected legislators and returning incumbents in the upcoming session to chart a course calculated to make Kansas the best place to work and raise a family. As with last night, voters will judge that progress in the elections of 2018 and we will be there prepared to do the same, said Mike O'Neal, President & CEO of the Kansas Chamber.

The Kansas Chamber, with headquarters in Topeka, is the leading statewide pro-business advocacy group moving Kansas towards becoming the best state in America to live and work. The Chamber represents small, medium and large employers all across Kansas. The mission of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce is to continually strive to improve the economic climate for the benefit of every business and citizen and to safeguard our system of free, competitive enterprise. 

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