Capitol Gains

Our 2017 legislative agenda, developed by member input, gave legislators a clear message on where the business community stands. 

The Chamber excels at building coalitions with other business trade associations and local chambers to give the business community a stronger and greater presence at the Statehouse.  Our members were notified of weekly events through our Capitol Insider and Business Minute email updates, and frequent Twitter updates kept them up-to-date on developments under the dome in Topeka.

We were at the Statehouse influencing and advocating for our members, so they could focus on running their businesses. Our legislative team had a constant presence, montinoring more than 200 bills and testifing more than 60 times on legislative proposals including taxes, HR, legal reform, energy, education and health care during the 2017 legislative session.

Add to our numbers. Add your influence. Become involved. Together, we are United For Business. 


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